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Re: [IP] basals and time changes

Julie wrote:
> Will be going to Eastern Europe in a month, and just wondered how I would
> deal with the time change.

When I went to Europe a few years back (while on the pump) I did not change
the basals any.  Instead I changed the time on my pump.  My endo told me it
was a lot easier to just change the time and make some other adjustments as
needed.  I don't remember how soon after arrival I did it but I do know that
before I went to bed the first time in Europe I was on the correct time.
You have to keep a pretty close eye on it for the first day but as soon as
your body adjusts to the time change your basal needs should change right
along with it.  I know when I made the change I made it at a time when my
basal rates were lower (ie my night rates are lower than my day rates so I
forwarded the time when my pump thought it was day then I changed the time
to evening and the basals were lower) Then you can use a corrective bolus as
needed until your body gets adjusted.  This is safer than running the risk
of lows by changing to a higher basal rate.  You just have to check every
couple hours.  Now--note that my basals didn't (and still don't) change more
than a few tenths at a time.  If you have more dramatic changes in your
basals from one time to the next you might want to change the time a little
more slowly.

Hope this helps!  Have a great time!
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