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Re: [IP] Non diabetic Hypoglycemia

In my case I had what we called Hypoglycemic tendencies.  If I went too long
between meals or something like that--I would get really weak and
lightheaded and then vomit.  I a meal was going to be late and I started
complaining of being too hungry--I'd get to have a few crackers to tide me
over.  This continued until a few months before my dx as diabetic.  I have
always thought my case was unique so I would make this a generality.  I had
some kind of virus when I was about three that they think attacked my
pancreas.  After that is when these tendencies started appearing.  They
figured that my pancreas was a little over-sensitive and didn't function as
well as it had before the virus.  Like it never fully recovered or
something.  Then we figured after being "sick" for so long it just quit! My
more educated guess is that the virus may have been part of the triggered my
immune system to turn on my pancreas.  Diabetes is not at all prevalent in
my family.  I am pretty much it unless you count my 6 yr  old cousin whose
dm is related to taking human growth hormone.  Who knows.
You might want to go ahead and talk to your sister--it is better for your
niece to get in trouble for lying than for her to have medical problems go
untreated.  Plus--inventing medical problems for attention is not good--that
is how the girl I mentioned upstream who tried to use insulin to commit
suicide got started.  I would take her seriously just to be on the safe
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