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Re: [IP] How low can a non-DM'er get?


I've tested myself a couple of times when I felt weak and was in the 
50's (or one may have even been in 40's, I don't remember).  Once 
when I was sick I was 190.  All other readings, maybe a couple dozen, 
over the last year have been 70-120.  All on accu-check complete.

My wife's non-DM colleague passed at the office due to low blood 
sugar, or at least that's what I heard that the paramedics said.

father of Trent - 5 yo pumper.

>I have a question for the group, especially those of you who work in 
>the medical
>field.  How low can a person who does not have diabetes and does not 
>take insulin
>The reason I ask is, my niece said some troubling things to me this 
>weekend.  My
>father-in-law is diabetic and she said she had been using his meter 
>to test. She
>said she was "afraid she was diabetic too" because she got dizzy, 
>had headaches, and
>her sugar was always low.  When I asked her how low, she said she 
>had tested 45 and
>27. My niece is only twelve, and I know that she sometimes lies when 
>she is needing
>attention.  Usually I just try to listen to what she means instead 
>of what she says
>and give her the attention she needs.  Once I asked her mother about 
>something I
>thought she was lying about and got her into trouble (which didn't help our
>relationship much).
>Can a hypoglycemic person have lows like that? If she is indeed 
>hypoglycemic and is
>confusing that with diabetes because she has seen me get low, then I 
>would like to
>make sure my sister-in-law (her mom) takes her to the doctor.  She's 
>not the most
>concerned parent in the world.
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