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[IP] basals and time changes

I've been on the MiniMed508 for less than a month. after 45 yrs. as an 
insulin dependent diabetic (with great control and MANY hypos because of 
that.) I absolutely adore the 508, and truly feel like i've gotten a "life." 
(No more chocolate out of necessity!!) 

Will be going to Eastern Europe in a month, and just wondered how I would 
deal with the time change. On insulin, in the past, I had no clue and would 
just half the time (about 6-8 hrs.) the first day, and then go on the 
European time. What should I do? My plane leaves about 8 p.m., and arrives 
the next morning. I have 3 basal rates, and am just learning how to work the 
508. Didn't think I would do so well as soon as I did, but would like not to 
change too much.

Any suggestions?

julie email @ redacted
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