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[IP] Non diabetic Hypoglycemia

Sherry, you asked about how low can a non-diabetic person go.    I 
haven't a clue.  However, my daughter is a non diabetic 
hypoglylcemiac (SP?) ... Her father was also and was advised to 
keep snacks around and eat 6 times a day. Back when we were 
married  I used to have to bring him orange juice in a hurry when he 
was getting shaky.   His mother was a type 2 diabetic.  He does 
not have diabetes.   Sometimes after my daughter has eaten a big 
meal, some ice cream with M&Ms and she will be an 82 bg (I want 
her pancreas).   Lately, when she has complained of being light 
headed and dizzy and knowing she has to eat something fast, I will 
test her and she will be at 42 or 43.  It is just like our hypos.  The 
docs say there is no correlation with diabetes and it does not mean 
that person will get diabetes.   

Interesting though. 
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