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Re: [IP] summer basals/swimming

> We recently moved to a new home in a new city. Our new house has a
> pool, and my 9 yr old son, who used to be a couch potato, is now
> swimming every day, several times a day.  My question is: how do you
> set new basals for this kind of situation, where there doesn't seem
> to be a "vanilla day"?  He may swim one day in the morning and
> evening, the next day in the afternoon, several times, some days
> only in the evening.  Plus he seems to be eating constantly, which
> doesn't help in figuring out rates.  Any advice is appreciated.
> Kathy

It sounds like you have two things going on. Growth spurt???? the 

Lots of unplanned exercise. Try to attack the problems separately. 
Make sure that his underlying basal rates and ratios are correct for 
fasting non-extra exercise days. For swimming, just make sure that he 
doesn't go low from the extra exertion. My daughter turns her basals 
down 0.1u/hr at night on days when she has maxed out her physical 
activity. When swimming, she usually is just checks periodically and 
boluses 30 minutes to 1hour's worth of basal to keep her bg's level. 
Depending on the amount of activity, this may mean ZERO insulin, 

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