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[IP] How low can a non-DM'er get? cont.

  Why don't you have your neice test with you present
or just check the memory on the meter.  Either way
will let you know more of what is going on.  If the
meter is an older one, you could actually cheat the
sample and get a lower sugar reading.  If your niece
is truly running sugars into the 50's or lower, she
needs some medical attention.  If she is naturally
hypoglycemic, test your theory and give her a high
sugar intake and see what her sugars do.  A
hypoglycemic person will shoot a little higher and
then drop fast.  Don't totally discount what she tells
you just because she sometimes plays for attention."

These are good suggestions, but she said she tested herself on her grandfather
(my father-in-law)'s meter. He is a stroke victim and I'd have to ask my
mother-in-law to borrow his meter to do this.  Since I don't want to expose
her if she is making up stories, I don't want to have to ask for the meter.
I'm not sure if I should test her and make a big deal about this before I know
more. I am mostly wanting to know if those of you who are in the health field
think this is possible. Then I plan on jumping on her mother to take her to
the doctor.  She's a sweet kid who is sometimes misguided enough to make
things up for attention.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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