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[IP] Re: bubbles in the reservior

Bubbles in the reservior are supposedly caused from the insulin being too
cold. I was told to let the insulin warm to room temperature before drawing
the insulin into the reservior. I have also found that I get air into the
reservior when the needle connection isn't tight. I found it better to
tighten the needle part a little-because it becomes loose when tapping it to
get bubbles back into the vial. Priming 5 to 10 whole units (with the set
disconnected) a few days later sometimes gets some bubbles out. But if the
bubbles are quite long, it is best to change the tubing and reservior. I
don't think the really tiny bubbles hurt anything unless your blood sugar is
beginning to rise. Sometimes the warm temps make the insulin not work as
well-usually on the second day-If it is really hot outside and there is
bubbles I can't get rid of without priming-I change the reservior plus the
tubing. For myself, it isn't worth it to play with it. Best wishes, Sharon
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