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Re: [IP] head cold remedies

> > > My son uses sudafed for congestion, and it sems fine. The tiny little red

> > yuck..... it was daytime Contact, I believe, and it was one of the most

> I don't think that the above meds are for diabetics.  Other than cough syrup,
> there are no cold remedies for us.  Most labels read that if you are diabetic
> call your doctor.  Non diabetic people who use the above products try to get
> the non drowsy version to avoid such side effects.

I asked my GP about this years ago.  He told me that the reason that
diabetics are told to contact their physicians before taking cold meds
is that the jitteriness that can come from some meds may feel a little
like a hypo coming on.  For me, anything with phenylpropanolamine made
me feel like I was vibrating (I know, it is now off the market).  But,
he said, too avoid any liability for the patient having mis-corrected
BGs, the drug companies put warnings on the packages.  In retrospect, I
think this explanation is incomplete, but there may be something to it. 
He told me that as long as I was testing regularly and comfortable with
the drug's effects, not to worry about the warning.

--Tad Seyler
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