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Re: [IP] Anyone Have Delayed Response to Humalog?

Someone wrote:
> I was wondering if others have a delayed response to
H?  Right now my insulin is still acting like I am
using R again.

We just found out that my son has a delayed response
to H.  His H is typically lasting anywhere from 4-5
hrs.  Our endo just said not to do a correction bolus
if he has had a bolus within the last three hours.  It
has seemed to work.  If I test him two hours after he 
ate something he will be high.  But if I wait the
5hrs, he will be in range.
How does everyone else that has a delayed response
work their boluses?

My response:
This happens to me, but it's worse in the morning than
the rest of the day.  I always have a significant drop
between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours after my morning bolus. 
I also find that it is slow getting started - I bolus
30 minutes before I eat breakfast.  The rest of the
day I bolus when I eat.  When I first went on the
pump, the CDE was trying to have me back to 150 2
hours after eating.  That will never happen with H.  I
have to be satisfied with it being back to normal
before my next meal.
Pumping 5 1/2 years. 

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