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[IP] Silouhette follow-up

Thanks pumpers-I called minimed and received my two silouhette samples. The
day they arrived it was time to change my tubing. The insertion went well and
I wasn't too grossed out (for once). My blood sugars did all right with
exception for the second day when I found I had some bubbles that needed to be
worked through. I disconnected and primed 10 units - they went through and my
sugars returned back to normal.

Today, the taking out part wasn't bad either. I used my second set like a pro!
I am switching to the silouhettes. I didn't sweat the tape off, so that was
cool-but the weather hasn't been humid up here in Northern Michigan.

Regarding running out of insulin. I use about 30 units of insulin per day,
just a little over one vial of humulog a month. Blue Cross Blue Shield honored
the prescription from the doctor because the prescription read two units per
month as needed for the insulin pump. I watch the calendar to pick up my
insulin and glucose strips the same time every month. My glucose strips, I get
150 strips per month for testing. We have a local pharmacy that does all my
billing for me-I have never had any problems finding it better for me to pick
this stuff up myself. I usually don't run out of anything unless I forget to
pick things up. I live with post-it notes in my car. I tried the mailed
supplies thing before and found it was a hassle. The strips, sometimes they
would mail me strips more than twice a month causing me to get billed full
price because the insurance company rejected it. A friend of mine here has
diabetes and is going blind, of course cannot drive. The mailed supplies works
wonders for her.

I couldn't imagine losing my eye-sight and not being able to drive my car! I
will just try to do my best to prevent that!  Thanks for your support!
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