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Re: [IP] Humalog

> I have been a diabetic for 27 years and I have been on an insulin pump for
> almost 10 years. I use a 508 and am still on Velosulin BR. It is my
> reluctancy to change to Humlog. I am afraid of the risk of going into
> Ketoacidosis quicker and it is more fragile to the heat and cold. Like what
> about in your tubbing under a bathing suit in the sun.
> My Doctor has told me there won't be much of an adjustment without he amount
> of insulin I take. Is this true?

I was on Regular, then Velosulin, then Velosulin BR from '83-'97 with a pump.
Testing often should help tremendously on catching any DKA onsets. For me
(YMMV) Reg. and V needed to be infused 20 min. before a meal - that meant when
ordering in a restaurant the timing had to be *perfect*. If I walked into
McD's and no line, I wasn't about to stand around for 20 min. waiting for the
timing - and have a busload of teens enter in front of me to upset my wait!
<VBG> With Humalog, I start pumping when the food goes into my mouth. If I
have forgotten I can do it after eating and no harm done. Knowing what to do
when ketones are present will avert DKA. You trainer should be able to help
you with all this. I believe we're talking about a 2-hr. difference in DKA
onset with Reg/V and H - so give yourself that 2-hr. better-adjusting benefit.

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