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RE: [IP] Re: Disetronic Pump

Hi Mel,

I agree about the size of the D-TRON. It is bigger than the H-TRON and the 
H-TRON was sturdier. I just sent my first D in for repairs, but on the other 
hand you can do more with the D and my A1c has gone down 1.1 with the D, So for 
the D will have to do. And everyone else has a minimed we want to be 

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Im a new member and also a new pumper.  I have been pumping for 
since January 

and have only been diagnosed for about 10 months.  I too use the 
D-Tron pump. 

I have loved the freedom, but I sometimes get frustrated with the 

it is sligtly bigger then the minimeds and other diesetronic 
pumps.  I was 

just wonder if there was other pumpers using the Dtron and what they 

of it?

Thanks :)



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