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My pump died last month. I was fortunate enough that it died in the middle of 
the week so had a replacement the next day. For my back up plan my CDE wanted 
me to go with NPH instead of the Regular. I don't like what NPH does to me & 
told her I would prefer to use the Regular. She said if I was going to do 
that why not just use Humalog? So that is what I used. My numbers weren't 
that good. High 100s to mid 200s & getting up all those times at night. Also 
all the extra finger pokes!  Plus having to go to work the next day didn't 
help matters. But all in all I think it was probably better than if I used 
the NPH. If ( or should I say when)? I had it to do over again I would just 
go get a bottle of Regular like I wanted to do in the first place.  Good 
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