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Re: [IP] Errrrrrr...My pump just died!

>>> I was a Postal Assistant for four years, and there is always postal
delivery. Normally one carrier per station is on duty, every day of the year.
A Postal Assistant is a 90 day wonder and we normally covered Sunday and
holidays. Most major businesses, Credit Cards, Banks, Hospitals, will receive
a delivery on off days. >>>

I understand what you are saying, but where does *John Q. Citizen* go to drop
an urgent package to get the assurance of a next-day (Sunday?) delivery? With
the doors locked to the public, that's difficult. Then when we're talking
about MM sending a $5,000 pump that way, do they just go to the P.O. and drop
it or does someone from the P.O. pick it up and deliver it next day? (~_^)

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