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Re: [IP] Re: New Minimed Infusion Sets

> <<<Also, I'm 5' 7", does everyone use the 42" tubing~there's so much of
it, I
> don't know what to do with it all.>>>
I prefer the shorter tubing length myself (I am also 5'7")  I almost always
wear my pump on my waistband and when I wear a dress--I usually use the
thigh thing so I don't need the longer tubing.  The sil samples I  have are
the 42" and while I like the sils--I placed my order for the 23" tubing
instead.  I agree with you--42" is just a lot of tubing!  I just put inside
the leg of my pants but I don't like it getting between my legs when I cross
my legs, etc.  The other thing--and the real reason I switched to the
shorter tubing in the first place--was that unless I coiled it or put in in
a pocket or something--it hangs out the leg of my shorts!  I ordered the
shorter length for the summer and have never gone back--that was at least 3
years ago.  It is a matter for personal preference.  Try the shorter length
and see which you prefer.

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