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How wonderful is this?  It's Saturday, no Fed-Ex delivery on Sunday and my 
pump just died!!  When I press the select button, I get a full-screen check 
screen and then a VER 60I error..... then it will go to the bolus screen and 
when I press Activate, it does the check screen again!  
I just talked to MiniMed and I have the option of getting mine fixed or 
getting a refurbished one.  I went with getting mine fixed; otherwise, I will 
sit here and wonder how old the refurbished one is even though they say 
everything is BRAND NEW and only the motor has been used.
Well, what I'm nervous about is using my back-up plan!  I'm thinking of doing 
the Regular every 4 hours to cover my basals and then just bolusing with 
Humalog... what Michael suggests and what Lily does.
Has this happened to anyone else?  You know, you can read and read and read 
about this stuff and think you know it all and what to do, but when it 
happens to you, there is still that feeling of panic and distress.....and 
Oh well......
Gina & the deceased Mr. Clicks  :O(
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