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[IP] Re: New Minimed Infusion Sets

Hi All~

At my pump class last Wednesday, my CDE showed me an infusion set by MM.  I 
don't remember what it was called, it doesn't have a 4" pigtail like the 
sof-set, its flush to your tummy.  It looked really neat, its backordered 
until August.  Has anyone ever tried it?  It also has a 90 degree insertion.  
I called MM, they said to keep calling, when they are available they'll send 
a sample.  I asked if I could get the new inserter with the sample, they said 
no.  I'm new at this, I've only done four insertions and I really depend on 
the inserter for the sof-set.  I mentioned this to my CDE and she gave me 
one!!!  I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried these.  Also, I'm 5' 7", 
does everyone use the 42" tubing~there's so much of it, I don't know what to 
do with it all.


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