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Re: [IP] Prescriptions

Jennifer Sutherland <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Same in CA for HUMALOG. I or anyone else can walk in and buy the R, N,
> and L, UL, etc, but Lantus and Humalog are RX only. Needles I got from on
> visit with a doc and the pharmacy would let me buy them from then on.

This is true everywhere in the U.S.  Humalog is not, strictly speaking,
insulin . . . it's an insulin *analog* (hence the name), and because of that
(not because of potency, rapidity, or anything else), it does not fall under
the open market umbrella that covers true insulin, be it human, pork, or beef.
Because it is not insulin, the FDA can require prescription purchase.

The FDA would *like* to require a prescription for all insulin, but it cannot
because of the special status worked out by Banting, et al.

Jim Handsfield
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