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Re: [IP] Anyone Have Delayed Response to Humalog?

At 09:27 PM 7/13/2001 Laura L. Shapiro wrote:
 >Hi:  Just started Novo's alternative to Humalog.  So far I have not had
 >the allergy problems that H gives me.  However, I do not see the Novo
 >product working within 15 minutes, and it appears my BG's are higher
 >because it isn't working to take the insulin right before or right after
 >I was wondering if others have a delayed response to H?  Right now my
 >insulin is still acting like I am using R again.

I tried Novolog and had just the opposite impression. For me Humalog didn't 
peak for 3 hours. With Novolog it was peaking closer to 2 hours. I liked 
it. I've never had an insulin work within 15 minutes, though... not even 
Novolog.  It's very frustrating.

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