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[IP] Re: Buying Humalog (was Popping Humalog)

Sara:  Thanks for the tip about the Canadian online pharmacy!  I didn't even 
know we had one in Canada.  
    I don't know about whether you need an Rx or not, because I always have 
to have one to get reimbursed from our medical insurance.  
    Because the Canadian dollar is so low, you will generally find the 
prices, once converted into US dollars, pretty cheap in Canada.  (not for 
everything though)  For example, the pump prices are around $5000-5500 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 in Ontario

 What about Humalog?  I just searched www.pharmacy.ca for Humalog and the
 site says a prescript. is required to order it.  I also noticed the
 price is $25.30 Canadian (10 mL bottle)!  That's about $16 US.
 Interesting, because Humalog is at least $35 here for 10 mL bottle.
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