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[IP] Carrying Stuff

From: "Charity Forbes" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Carrying Stuff

I really don't carry a bunch of stuff all the time.  I carry a small meter
(glucometer elite) that has individually wrapped strips so it travels
smaller.  I carry glucose tabs and if I go to the city (I live in a small
town) I bring along my insulin pen with humalog in it.  And I keep glucose
tabs and dry jello in my car.  That's it.  Oh--and I never--use the last
dollar in my purse.  I figure in town I am never more than about 5 minutes
from home.  And worse case scenario--I am in Omaha (45-60 minutes from home)
and have trouble.  I can give myself a bolus of humalog with my pen every
couple hours til I get home.

When I travel I carry twice as many infusion sets as I'll need and an extra
(above the amount needed) bottle of insulin. I also toss in a couple of
syringes and my glucagon.  I include extra glucose tabs and a few boxes of
dry jello (more carbs--less space--isn't bothered by either heat or cold)

Some may consider that traveling light for a diabetic but my bases are
covered and I have everything I really need.

- ----------------------------------------------------------perfect, how much
crap do you need if you re going away for a few minutes. at work i have more
stuff. i would suggest a id bracelet and wallet card too. although in my
experience no one looks at it.spot
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