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[IP] ] Fw: [FriendsWithDiabetes] Insulin Refill problem

> My 6 year old son was diagnosed on May 22 with Type 1. Our Doctor gave

> us a prescription for both Humalog and NPH. We tried to refill the
> Humalog and we were told that we can't because the one vial is a 90
> day supply. I spoke to both the pharmacy and my insurance company.
> They are relying on ELI LILLY's claim that as long as the insulin is
> kept in the refrigerator it lasts up until the expiration date. Has
> anyone else had a similar problem with their prescription?
- ---------------------------------------------------------- that is the way
your doc wfrote the prescription. he should have written Disp: #2 so you could
get two vials. if he doesn't write it, you can't get it and your insurance
won't pay for it. Eli Lilly says as long as the insulin has not been used it
will last. in other words you didn't put a needle into the stopper. Eli lilly
and Novo Nordisk know more about insulin than anyone. spot
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