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Re: [IP] Stuff to Carry

My question
> is about the mention of Jell-O as a carb source to carry while away from
> How much of the package do you use for how low of blood sugar reading?


I came up with using jello because it takes quite a few carbs to raise my
sugars once they go down and glucose tabs are only 4 a piece.  They may act
faster but they take longer to get in when you have to eat 10 of them.  I
was looking for a good source of carbs that tasted good, wouldn't melt or
freeze if left in the car and could be carried easily.  When we were kids on
the swim team we would eat dry jello before we swam to give us a good boost
of energy.  That is where the idea came from.

As to how much to use--that depends on how many carbs you need to bring up
your numbers.  I usually need at least 30 carbs or more depending on how low
I am.  In a 3 oz box of jello there are 4 servings.  Each serving is around
20 carbs.  If I eat half the package (or just under) that is between 30 and
40 carbohydrates.  I put the rest in a ziploc for the next time.

This has worked really good for me on our mission trips or when I am very
active.  I have a hip pack I put my meter and my jello in and I don't have
to worry about running out of glucose tabs or having my sugar source melt.
It has worked really well for me.  And with all the flavors of jello--I
never get bored with it (not that that really matters when you are raising
lows!).  I am sure this is another YMMV situation but you can try it anyway!

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