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[IP] Mission trip to Mexico--kinda long

Greetings all!
I need some advice.  My youth group is getting ready to go on a mission trip
to Juarez, Mexico.  We will actually only be over the border for 3 days.  But
while there we will be exposed to heat, lots of dust and dirt and very little
running water (as in no showers).  We will be building houses.  Our
work/eat/sleep schedules are going to be extremely off.  We will work in the
mornings, stop for lunch take a siesta, have a snack, and head back to work
mid-afternoon and not stop again until the wee hours of the morning.  Supper
will likely be between 1-4 in the morning.  Obviously my activity level is
going to be a whole lot higher than usual.  My plan is to immediatly cut my
basals in half--maybe even more depending on our current activity levels.
Then I will check regularly.  I will have glucose tabs and dry jello a plenty
on hand and yes--we will be providing our own fresh water to drink.

My main area of concern is with my sites.  I am worried with the heat and
activity I may sweat my site loose.  I *just* switched to sils and don't know
how strong that tape is.  I use IV Prep as well.  If it starts to come loose
is there any way to keep it on?  Plus, I will have to change my site at least
once while we are there.  Any recommendations for how to ensure that my site
is clean and sterile for the change when I myself will not be?

Also, While my extra insulin and supplies will be kept in a cooler--how much
should I worry about the insulin in my pump going bad due to the heat?  I have
a MM 507 pump and will wear it in my case for protection but should I be
concerned about the dust/dirt?  Any ideas on how to keep it clean--at least
reasonably so?

If there are any of you who have had similar experiences, I would love to get
your feedback and ideas.
You can either respond directly to my email or here on the list.

Thanks in advance!

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