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[IP] How to keep insulin in tubing when refilling

> I've found when I unscrew the
> tubing from the reservoir some of the insulin in the
> tubing leaks out, creating a huge air pocket in the
> tubing. I end up throwing the tubing away, and it also
> means I waste a lot of insulin.

One of the first things I was taught when I began pumping was to *cap* the
needle that the reservoir has on it with the white cap from the tubing. I
asked why and was told, "You may never know when you'll need to reuse it and
you want to keep it sterile." That white cap fits the luer lock, therefore,
that's what you use to cap the end of the tubing so there is no leakage. I do
not use QR sets (Sof-Sets) and when I leave an old site in after changing to a
new one, I cap the old tubing off with a white cap and wind up the whole thing
like an extension cord. Works for me. (~_^)

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