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Re: [IP] Popping Humalog

Humalog is prescription-only, but in my experience
it's not hard to get in an emergency. A couple of 
years ago while visiting my in-laws in Pennsylvania, 
I dropped and broke my bottle of Humalog on the tile 
floor of a restaurant bathroom while I was preparing 
a shot. My mother-in-law took me to her favorite 
pharmacy, where they knew her by name, got the
pharmacist to call my father-in-law's doctor's office 
to okay the prescription, and got me a new bottle 
within about 20 minutes. Which was a good thing 
because I'd just eaten a largish restaurant lunch.

My understanding is that to some degree it's at
the pharmacist's discretion whether to sell needles
and/or insulin without a prescription. Even though
the law doesn't prevent them from doing it, a 
particular pharmacy may have a policy against it.

And of course many of us have prescriptions for
insulin, needles, even glucose monitoring supplies
because it's the only way to ensure that insurance
will cover it. Thus, many people who use insulin
may even realize that they can get it without a

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