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Re: [IP] scuba diving

> Dan,
> I dive as well, just not since starting on the pump.  Anyway, I have
> thought about the glucose tube stuff before.  How well does that
> work in the sense of getting in without choking (I've never tried to
> swallow food underwater!) and how do the tubes hold up at the higher
> pressures?  Does the higher pressure make it oooze out before you
> can get it in your mouth? Just curious! Andy

The idea of the glucose gel in a tube is not so much that it can be 
used underwater (it can), but that the tube itself is waterproof and 
relatively simple to carry in the pocket or taped to the edge of your 
BC. Presumably if you were low you would surface, consume the 
glucose, notify your buddy (who should also be carrying glucose) and 
terminate the dive. If you have the presence of mind to use the 
glucose, you should terminate the dive, head for the surface, inflate 
your bc, etc.... so that if things get worse you will survive it. 
Basically though the glucose could be used underwater, that is not a 
good idea -- we're really talking about an easily carried waterproof 
container of glucose.

When I dive with Lily both of us carry tubes of glucose gel as does 
her brother who sometimes goes with us. The divemaster of the boats 
we use and any other persons in our immediate dive group are 
instructed in the use of the glucose and asked to keep an eye on Lily 
if they are in her vicinity while diving.

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