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RE: [IP] Popping Humalog

Lyndy [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Does anyone know why that is?  I've heard that you need an Rx 
> for Lantus as 
> well . . . It really bothers me that I could walk into any 
> pharmacy and get R 
> or N without a prescription, but couldn't get the Humalog 
> Katie needs for her 
> pump   . . . and yes, I carry extra H with us when we travel, 
> as well as an 
> Rx for it -- I just think that if some life-sustaining 
> insulins are available 
> without an Rx, they all should be . . .

Because Humalog (and Lantus) are not, strictly speaking, insulin, but are
insulin analogs.  The requirements by Banting (and Best?) were that insulin
be available over the counter for the reasons you mention.  But Humalog and
Lantus, being slightly different, are deemed not to fall under that

I'm pretty sure that the FDA, if they had their 'druthers, would make all
insulin available only by prescription.  Of course, if Aspirin were to come
on the market today, it, too, would be a prescription drug.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted OR
email @ redacted

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