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Re: [IP] Popping Humalog

In a message dated 7/13/2001 8:17:51 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> You need a prescription for Humalog in the United States, period. It's a 
>  federal law. Syringes are a toss-up. 

Does anyone know why that is?  I've heard that you need an Rx for Lantus as 
well . . . It really bothers me that I could walk into any pharmacy and get R 
or N without a prescription, but couldn't get the Humalog Katie needs for her 
pump   . . . and yes, I carry extra H with us when we travel, as well as an 
Rx for it -- I just think that if some life-sustaining insulins are available 
without an Rx, they all should be . . .

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