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[IP] Re: Siphoning Insulin.....LOL

In a message dated 7/13/01 10:24:15 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> . I've found when I unscrew the
> tubing from the reservoir some of the insulin in the
> tubing leaks out, creating a huge air pocket in the
> tubing. 

Sometimes I can do it without the air, but I still usually push through a 
tubing line of insulin to make sure.  What I do though is when I'm about to 
reconnect the leur-lock thing, I push the plunger so there is a bubble of 
insulin on the tip and then screw it on.  If there is any air, it's usually a 
very small amount.  I still push through, but I'm sure you could bolus a few 
times but MAKE SURE YOU WATCH the air bubble and then push it out when it 
gets closer to the site.  BE CAREFUL!!!  Remember, I'm not a doc and please 
don't take my advise.......LMAO!
Anyway, just be careful if you do it this way so you don't end up with a high 
sugar if the air goes in...... Maybe change tubing before a meal when you 
know you will bolus a lot and then just prime till you see a few drops, 
reconnect and bolus.  If there is any air, at least it will move down and you 
won't lose as much insulin as you otherwise would?!?
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