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[IP] Carrying Stuff

 Julie said>>>I am always worried, and things would
be much easier if I had everything with me at all times, but how to 
carry it conveniently?  I can't even stand having a purse, it took me 
a long while to get used to that.  Any hints would be really 

Hi Julie:

Going Places is the only time I get frustrated about the 
inconvenience of diabetes. My search for the perfect purse for 
summer and winter is an ongoing process.  

I have to have a big purse to carry my "emergency stash", the 
tester, glucose tabs, fiber bar, 2 sils kits, 1 reservoir, 2 pieces of 
tape, and a syringe in my purse at all times.   I do not carry insulin 
unless I will be more than a couple of hours away from home.    I 
sometimes long for the days BD (before...) when I had slim stylish 
purses or no purse at all.    It is a pain, but a necessity.  And I 
have had to break into the emergency stash on enough ocassions 
to be grateful I have it. 

You might try a "fanny pack".  Or a mini backpack, you know like 
the ones they sell with the purses that look very nice, sometimes 
those are available on a sale for $20+ dollars.  Walmart may even 
have some good ideas in their purse department.   

Hang in there!  You can adapt......
Bonnie R. 

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