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[IP] here comes sara smartie pants


long time no chat!!  Hope all my old friends are doing good...Just wanted to 
let those of you who know me (and still love me) that i MAY be in your neck 
of the woods soon.  I am in Louisiana right now, and will be headed to Dallas 
this weekend, then up to Denver, then Chicago, Bloomington, IL and Grand 
Rapids, then back to Denver, west to Moab, UT, then down through the 
canyonlands to Sedona, Phoenix (look out Fran, i am coming to Stay with 
you!!) and the Tuscon, then east to New Mexico, Carlsbad Caverns and back to 
Houston (Nita????)

Lemme know if you live within hollering distance of my route adn maybe i will 
come knocking on your door!!  Please email me directly as i rarely check the 
site anymore, but there are a fair few of you I want to meet...and a good 
bunch more who don't live anywhere NEAR my route that i want to meet...maybe 
next trip...

If youa re so inclined, you can follow my trip on my web site at

Hope everyone is well and I sure miss you all...My diabetes control has 
SUCKED lately, but I know this trip is gonna be so much easier with my pump 
so I am trying to be a good little diabetic, and only eat ice cream when i 
feel like bolusing for it!!!

Love ya

Sara Smarty Pants
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