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Re: Re:[IP] Popping Humalog

> I saw a news report show (like 20/20) and a mother (a nurse) injected
> insulin in her young child to kill the child.  She had two children, one
> she killed and one is severely damaged and institutionalized.  I don't
> remember which one she injected with insulin.  The other one she did
> something else to.  But either way YES according to this story you can
> damage/kill a non DMer with insulin!
> Missi

In my camp counseling days, we had a camper forge her health forms and
masquerade all week as a diabetic--testing, taking insulin, he whole works.
As the week wore on she got more brave a took more and more
insulin--eventually causing a reaction.  While she was only taking a total
of 3-4 units at a time--there was no real effect.  If I remember correctly
she took closer to 10 total (R & N) the night she had the reaction.  It
turns out she was planning on using insulin for sympathy all week and then
using it to commit suicide at the end of the week.  The camp's policy was to
call and inform the parents of a low (it was not a diabetic camp) and her
mother told us she wasn't diabetic.  Since I was most likely to recognize
the signs of a reaction--I was to watch her all night til she could be taken
home (We knew she still had some NPH in her).  It was very strange to
imagine that the same drug that keeps me alive was being used to end a life.
Not a fun night.

I know I would never want to risk the health of a loved one in that way.

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