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[IP] Re: Popping Humalog

Right from when my daughter was dx with diabetes I was made aware that a 
person could commit suicide with insulin.  Also, when we lived in the UK, I 
was instructed by the nurse to empty all the old vials of insulin before 
throwing them in the trash, because "someone could use them to commit 
murder".  My understanding is that if a person died from low blood sugar, 
after death the bg returns to a normal level, so it is impossible to state 
that for certainty as the cause of death.  (This is from reading about the 
"dead in bed" situation in medical journals.)

My memory was that Sunny von Bulow was a diabetic, and thus she had lots of 
hypoglycemia from drinking alcohol, which she was prone to do, as she was 
very sociable and loved parties (hence the nickname Sunny).   Thus it 
couldn't be proved that her husband injected her with an insulin overdose, or 
whether she herself was the cause of it.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
<< I saw a news report show (like 20/20) and a mother (a nurse) injected 
 insulin in her young child to kill the child.  She had two children, one 
 she killed and one is severely damaged and institutionalized.  I don't 
 remember which one she injected with insulin.  The other one she did 
 something else to.  But either way YES according to this story you can 
 damage/kill a non DMer with insulin!
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