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[IP] Re: Diabetic cat needs a home

From: Susan Fisher <email @ redacted>
Subject: RDU / RTP AREA ONLY:  diabetic cat needs a home...

Howdy folks - long time no email.  I have been limiting my
email-addiction due to re-occuring RSI problems....

Nonetheless, my officemate has a diabetic cat that needs a home... Here
is her message:

Alexandra Bokinsky wrote:
The woman who babysits my cat rescued a diabetic cat -- it's a
snowshoe siamese (black w/white paws, blue eyes), male, big, and
The  problem is that the cat doesn't get along with other cats at all --
ie hides under bed and won't come out to eat or use the litter box (big
problem). When other cats aren't around the cat is great, very
friendly with people and even likes dogs. Anyway, I know you are
but I  thought I'd ask.   She rescued the cat from a woman who was going
to have it put to sleep when it was diagnosed, she
can't keep it because she has cats already -- right now the cat is
in one room of her house which he has all to himself. I can't take the
cat because I already have two and living in one room is no life for a
cat.  Let me know what you think!

Please contact me directly and NOT ON THE INSULIN-PUMPERS LIST  at
email @ redacted

We live close to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, and I am sure a visit could
be arranged.

Susan Fisher
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