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Re:[IP] Popping Humalog

> I saw a news report show (like 20/20) and a mother (a nurse)
> injected insulin in her young child to kill the child.  She had two
> children, one she killed and one is severely damaged and
> institutionalized.  I don't remember which one she injected with
> insulin.  The other one she did something else to.  But either way
> YES according to this story you can damage/kill a non DMer with
> insulin!

Back in the dark ages of phyciatry, they used insulin as "shock" 
therapy to alter the minds of patients -- now they use electricity. 
What they apparently did was give them enough insulin to induce 
seizure in the hope of somehow altering the mind. whew!!!..... 
wouldn't want to try that. The point is, you definetly can damage the 
brain with an overdose whether you have dm or not.
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