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Re: [IP] Re: Lantus as only insulin???

>Aren't you susposed to have a fast acting to cover your carbs?

I have no idea, honestly, I'ven ever taken a combination or mix of insulin.

>with NPH &/or Ultralente, had Humalog to cover meals. IMO, I would
>question this,had humalog been mentioned at all? Esp since you will be
>going onto pump, most likely with Humalog, think there may be some
>learning to do with its use, how it works with you. Is the Dr. aware of
>your Bg swings?

Yep.  He's never seen anything like it, either.  None of my endos ever had, 
that's why they were all afraid to put me on any type of short-acting on a 
regular basis.  Even now, I only take a half a unit when I *absolutely* 
can't stand it anymore.


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