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Re: [IP] Being prepared

A couple of addenda:

One of the reasons I carry so much stuff with
me is that I've found that for purposes of
organization it's much better to have every-
thing I use in one place. That way I don't 
have to remember whether I left my meter in
my purse or in the car, etc. Everytime I need 
to do something diabetes-related, I just look 
in the kit.

Also, I may carry more stuff ON me than some 
people do because for the most part I get around 
by walking or public transport. This means that 
I need to carry stuff, rather than keeping it 
in the car, and it also means that in case of 
emergency it could take me a pretty long time 
to get home. I live and work on opposite sides 
of the San Francisco Bay, so if a disaster happened 
while I was at work that knocked out BART and/or 
the Bay Bridge, I'd be stranded for hours, possibly 
overnight. The 1989 Loma Prieta quake knocked out 
the bridge for a month and BART for several hours 
(mostly because the track had to be inspected), 
so this is not a terribly far-fetched scenario.

Enjoying thinking about disaster,

/Janet Lafler
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