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Re: [IP] Being prepared (was: any other "anal retentive" or control freak pum...

I guess I go a little lighter than a lot of people on the list. I ALWAYS have 
my test kit and glucose tabs (it is in my purse - which is a small backpack 
style). I have a spare infusion set in my briefcase and in my desk at work 
along with a cartridge and spare batteries.  I keep a bottle of insulin in 
the fridge there. 

Anythying else I am doing if I had a major problem I figure I can get home 
fairly quickly.  Now if we are going to an outdoor play or something that I 
wouldn't want to leave I will pack an infusion set in my backpack. 

I do take snacks with me if I am going to be out and about for several hours 
or if I think I might stress and drive myself low (long rehearsals etc). 

I guess once I have an unanticipated problem then I may carry more.

Linda & Dax
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