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Re: [IP] Being prepared (was: any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers?)

I made a little "diabetes kit" which I take 
pretty much everywhere with me. My rule of
thumb: anytime I take my wallet and/or keys,
I take my kit.

The bag I use was originally intended as a 
makeup case. (It's black with a design of tan 
dragonflies on it -- very pretty, I'm always
getting compliments.) It has a simple zipper 
closing. It's 5 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches by 
4 inches. I usually put it in my shoulder bag, 
but sometimes (e.g. at the gym) I just carry 
it by the loop attached to the zipper.

What I carry in it:

Lancing device
Extra lancets 
1-2 vials of test strips
2 IV prep wipes
1-2 infusion sets & tubing
1 empty insulin cartridge & filling needle
1 filled insulin cartridge
Pump batteries
Very slim paperback carb reference book
Glucose tablets or other quick sugar
Tube of Neosporin
A few bandaids

When I was on MDI, I carried my vials of 
insulin with me everywhere, but now I figure 
that what's in the pre-filled cartridge is
enough to get me through nearly any emergency.
That, and the fact that I now use a meter 
that's about half the size of my old one, make
me feel like I'm carrying less stuff than I
used to. I do sometimes feel that I carry too
much stuff with me everywhere, but a lot of
it isn't even diabetes-related. For example,
I always carry a book with me, because (as
Emma Goldman once observed) you never know 
when you might be arrested.

At work I keep similar supplies, including a 
spare meter, snacks, needles, and my old food 
scale. At my old job, I used to keep extra 
insulin in the fridge, but I don't do that 
here because the fridge is cleaned out at un-
predictable intervals, and I don't trust the 
janitorial staff to notice and heed a "MEDICAL 
-- DO NOT DISCARD" warning.

I don't keep any diabetes-related supplies in 
my car, except a tube of glucose tablets in 
the glove compartment. (I don't drive or travel
by car very often.)

If I'm travelling overnight, I take extra supplies,
including needles & syringes. I keep these in the
toiletries kit that I have pre-packed for whenever
I go out of town. (I kept a pre-packed toiletries
kit even before  I got diabetes. Makes packing to
go away much simpler: just throw the kit in the

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