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[IP] Re:husbands' experiences with diabetic pregnancy

Julie wrote...
" I tried to explain ... why there are precautions and what the precautions
are and how to be prepared...and what the husband's role is and what is
expected of him.  I would just like to give him an accurate picture of what
his role entails when the time comes, and what to expect and what the risks
are. "


My husband and I are in the process of trying to get pregnant, and although
we feel we've tried to prepare ourselves, I'm sure it will be a learning
experience for us both!  Chris knew much about my diabetes before we were
even married, and he's been learning more and more each year.  (We have been
married four years.)  When we decided we were ready to conceive, we BOTH met
with the CDE, dietician, and my gynecologist.  He reads any information that
I find (although there isn't much of it out there!) and is very supportive.
I think it is going to be quite a challenge for both of us, but definitely
worth it!  Just be very open and honest with your boyfriend about your
diabetes, make sure he knows everything there is to know about it, (my
husband often knows I'm going low before I do!)  and go to appointments
together and read whatever information you can find.  I'm sure he'll be

Good luck...  Heather
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