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[IP] being anal retentive

I do not log in my blood sugars, carbs, site changes. I feel I generally have
a good memory. I check my blood sugars 4-5 times a day. My meter keeps track
of my blood sugars. My first six months on the pump, I did log my information
in my book like a "good diabetic patient" because I was trying to get the
system right. I have been on my pump for over two years, doing the log book
thing seemed to be too much of a hassle for me as well as logging in all the
extra data on my accu-check meter. My doctor looks at my chart that is in my
accu-check meter. We do know that my blood sugars go up, I have some illness
going on like my sinuses becoming infected or a severe cold coming on or my
menses going to happen.

I have gotten into habits of eating close to the same things for meals and
already know what to bolus. I try to keep around 30-40 carbs per meal because
too many carbs tend to go around my waist and belly. That happens with age.
For special treats and meals I don't know how to count, I guess and recheck my
sugar two hours later. I feel I am doing all right without the log book, I
know when to change my sight. For instance, if it is Sunday and I change my
tubing, etc., I remember by Tuesday evenings to check to see if everything is
all right. If blood sugars are creeping up by Tuesday or my tapes are coming
off or I know the following day will be chaotic, I change it. Main thing, do
what ever works for you. It seems anal retentive to do all that work, but anal
retentive really means obsessive compulsive, which seems kind of a strong
connotation but it is pretty funny anyway. Sharon
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