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[IP] Being prepared (was: any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers?)

What do you all carry your "kits" in?  Do I need to carry a backpack around 
everywhere I go?  I have absolutely no room in my purse besides the usual 
stuff- wallet, cell phone, pens, checkbook, etc- and glucose tabs and 
testing supplies.  How do I keep all the necessities with me at all times- 
shopping, out to eat, visiting friends, etc- and still not be bogged down?  
And what should I keep with me?  If I had my druthers I'd get a Mary Poppins 
bag and carry all my supplies (a closetful) with me in there ;) What do you 
keep at work?  I have an extra meter there with strips, and my purse... I 
guess I could keep a box of supplies in my desk drawer, and even keep 
insulin there.  What do you keep in your cars?  I mean, what is ok in FL 
heat and what is not?  I know insulin is not, but what else?  I have 2 
bottles of tabs and 2 1 gal freezer bags filled with snacks in my car.  But 
what if I'm caught without my car?  I am always worried, and things would be 
much easier if I had everything with me at all times, but how to carry it 
conveniently?  I can't even stand having a purse, it took me a long while to 
get used to that.  Any hints would be really appreciated.
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