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Oh boy, now guess what I did???  Well, I am known to have some VERY strange 
dreams VERY often, but this one wasn't too strange -- well, I guess it was :O(
I had a dream that I tested my sugar and it was 1,239.  I use a FreeStyle and 
in my dream, the arrows just kept moving and moving and moving (like the 
Energizer bunny)... Now, we all know if it's over 600 or 500, it won't read 
but HIGH.
Anyway, I guess since when I'm usually high I disconnect the tubing from the 
site and prime a few tenths of a unit to make sure it's dripping correctly 
that I disconnected in my middle of the night to prime the tubing but must 
have fallen back asleep.  Who knows what time it was, but I just woke up and 
my sugar is 546!  No ketones since it takes a long time for me to become 
ketonic, but I feel like MAJOR crappola!
I remember someone talking about doing this a few weeks ago.....just 
wondering how many of you have ever done anything like this in your sleep?  
It's pretty scary!  I know it was around maybe 4:00 a.m. because it was after 
my lovely 3:00 a.m. test which showed me at 117 :O(
Anyway, hope my day gets better....LOL
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