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[IP] any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers?


Indeed, I am also a control freak when it comes to being prepared for
everything.  I think it's a very good instinct to have.  Better to be
prepared than not!  I never carried a purse before becoming diabetic, but
now I do.  I always have an insulin pen in there and a just a few leftover
needle tips just in case something goes wrong with my pump.  In addition,
I'm in the habit of stashing granola bars, glucose tablets and/or Power Gel
everywhere:  in both of our cars, in my briefcase, in my desk at work, in my
backpack, etc.  Finally, I think one possible compromise between you and
your boyfriend could be that he at least tell you if an overnight trip is
involved.  That way, you can take all the little extras you might need (and
be sure to multiply the quantity by 2 so that you can always extend your
trip!).  The hubby and I spent an idyllic weekend in Santa Barbara last
December and, at the last minute, I actually followed his lead and agreed to
extend the stay for a couple of more days -- I know that if I hadn't brought
more than enough supplies, I would have never been comfortable about that.
So try to look at it this way:  sometimes being extra prepared can allow for
more spontaneity in the end!

Is it my imagination or is there less "stuff" to carry with the pump than
with MDI?  I was pleasantly surprised this past week when I flew back East
to see my parents. 

Hope that helps,
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