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Re: [IP] the sillouhette infusion set

> <<<It is about that time that I need to order more infusion sets. I have
> soft-set ultimate QR. currently and was wondering how the silhouette

I am on day 2 of my first sil.  I am experimenting to see if I can get
better absorbtion from the sils.  I have been using the sof-sets with the
serter.  I love my serter.  It was quite a jump to get myself to manually
inset the sil.  It really wasn't too bad.  I am going to get the sil-serter
as soon as it is available (if I decided to stay with the sils) but I think
I had a harder time manually inserting the sof-sets than I did the sil.
That is a long needle though.  I change every other day so we will see in
the morning if my first impressions hold true.  I agree with someone
upstream though--ask your rep for a sample and try it out.  That is what I
did.  It is better than buying a box of sets that may or may not work for
you.  Now I just need to see if the sils will help and if they come with
less tubing. My samples are long!! (I am sure they do--I just haven't
checked yet)

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