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Re: [IP] re:any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers? or their moms :)

Ours has been 29 months now, but I have "loosened" up a bit.  I can now go 
to church and Walmart with just her kit, but anyplace else, I carry a JDF 
backpack.  It has two of everything for site changes, insulin, snacks, 
juice, syringes, you name it its in there!  I don't know if it is 
classified as AR or just paranoid!  Maybe its just called being a MOM.  Who 
knows, but there is nothing wrong with being prepared.

Mom tp Rachel and Blossom, 4 years old, dxd 2-99, pumping 3-01

>Our family has been living with diabetes for just over 1-1/2 years.  Not a 
>time.  But the MAJOR change that happened for us was the lifestyle requirement
>to plan more things ahead of time, even if they're "spontaneous".   That
>affected our other 2 children much more than any time spent on testing Luke or
>giving him insulin shots.  Unfortunately, it's what it takes for him to have
>decent control - whether he was on MDI or on the pump.  The pump freed up his
>meal times & meal amounts, but he still has to have everything he needs
>immediately with him.  And traveling - I take about 10 of everything.
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