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[IP] little dress question

Hi all,
  Ok, I know this question has been raised in the past and I think that 
perhaps it is being raised again, but I only get the digest version of the 
list and I don't read everything all the time due to time constraints, so 
please forgive me!!!  But I need some help here!!!
  I am standing up in a wedding in September.  My dress is very nice, if I 
could figure out what to do with the pump.  A couple of explanations 
first--I'm 21 years old, five foot two inches tall, weight about 108, and I 
happen to have a pretty flat chest.  And my dress is tight, backless, and 
baby spaghetti straps in the front which is low cut.  It is a simple dress, 
silver, with no stuff around the chest area other than some simple outlining 
beading.  Any ideas on where to conceal the pump?  I know some people might 
like to tell me to just wear it out in the open (and I do usually wear it 
right on my waistband), but for this event, I would just like to look nice 
and not have a bulge distorting my dress.  Any ideas would be extremely 
helpful from women who have experience in this area!!!  I've been pumping 
about a year now, but since I am naturally also a tomboy of sorts, I haven't 
had to do the "little black (or in this case silver!) dress number yet!  If 
you have the time to email me privately since I don't get all the listings, 
that would be great.  My email is email @ redacted  Thanks in advance 
for your help.  Tricia

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