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[IP] any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers?

It might be the Boy Scout in me, but I always always keep two kits -
One kit is my "day" kit - it is a small lunch type pack with my meter, extra
insulin, tape, carbs, etc.
I have this with me almost all the time (I also use it kind of like a purse
- for a guy :-)
The other kit I keep in my car - It has about a weeks supplies(but NOT
insulin) in it. Extra batteries, sets, resovors,
Iv prep, and on and on....

My point is - If I need to leave on a business trip/get out of dodge -
mental health day, or whatever....
I just grab my larger bay in addition to the small one. -
I'm always packed and preparied.

As far as someone taking you on a "surprise" trip - 
I have found the greatest times are those that are NOT planned.
BUT I would insist that your other half - TELL you that you are going on
some kind of trip....
Do you need your swim suit or snow ski's????


Dx'd Type I   10/2000 age 50!
MM508 2/1/2001
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